[Comments](2) Xiao Loong And Thanks For All The Fish:Yesterday: date with Sumana.We went to Xiao Loong in West Portal,a tiny Chinese restaurant which I've always thought would be 金宝搏appreally classy just because the door is painted a really cool shade of red.Well,it is pretty classy.They use a great technique where they dip things into hot oil forone millisecondand then stir-fry.The sauces are good but the tofu was in big chunks that didn't absorb the sauce very well.We had to mash it up to make it not bland yet covered with sauce.

Video rental time!We gotThe Great Dictatorand the originalLadykillers.The Great Dictatorwas alternatively hilarious and bizarrely sentimental.You don't see movies with names likeThe Great Dictatoranymore.I miss that.

Oh,one weird thing 188betnowabout this movie.At the very very beginning there's a scene during World War I and Charlie Chaplin is playing a German soldier.所以你认为他是玩fake-Hitler,because of course 金宝搏appreal-Hitler was a soldier in World War I and used this to his political advantage later.But apparently this was not common knowledge in 1940,because in the first scene Charlie Chaplin is playing the other guy in the movie,the everyman barber who justlookslike fake-Hitler,and it's incredibly disorienting.You're expecting in the first scene the kind of vicious anti-Hitler humor you end up getting later on in the movie,because c'mon this guy is Baby Fake-Hitler,but he's played as a garden-variety buffoon,the Tramp,not fake-Hitler at all.

We just finishedThe Ladykillersand it too was great.Truly this is the weekend we struckcomedy gold.188betnowAbout halfway through I 金宝搏apprealized that Alec Guinness' mannerisms in that movie are just the same as Danny O'Brien's mannerisms.I expect the movie would be even funnier if you watched the whole thing imagining it's Danny O'Brien planning the heist.

I inherited a corduroy jacket from my grandfather,which I wear sometimes when I go out.It's great because it makes me classy.Without the jacket I haven't shaved and I'm wearing ratty jeans and a T-shirt I got for 25 cents at a yard sale.With the jacket I get let into restaurants.

Back to working on article.

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Posted byCamillaatMon May 23 2005 06:59

Ladykillersfreaked me out because I had never seen Alec Guinness in any role except Obi-Wan.It was pretty creepy.金宝搏appReally great film though.After I watched I was just struck with the 金宝搏apprealization that I had never before seen quiet,pious,proper good triumph over violent evil.Which was cool.

Posted by pedro atMon May 23 2005 18:23


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